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Pro Rolling Enterprise Co., Ltd was established in Taiwan in 1998; our main business ranges are auto parts manufacturing and production line exportation.

Our major products are roll forming parts, co-extrusion part molding parts, TPV co-extrusion parts, metal stamping parts and machining parts. For production line exportation, we have capabilities in design, CAE analysis, prototype sample making, lab test, tool making and production line manufacture.

We have a lot of experiences in OEM and ODM; main customers are Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Suzuki, Luxgen, etc. We have technological cooperation in China and India for weatherstrip and door sash respectively.

Apart from auto parts, PU product is also one of our major products. We aggressively develop PU product to let our customers have more choices.

We are an ISO 9001 company with a dedicated team to take care of the new development and making all the necessary arrangements to produce the components as per customer's satisfaction. We are sure that you will be satisfied with our services and quality of our products.